Fergal CarrollPsychologist

Fergal Carroll

BA Hons., University College Dublin, MSc Counselling Psychology, Trinity College Dublin

Fergal CarrollFergal graduated from Trinity College in 1999 and has been a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland for over 10 years.

Fergal worked for a number of years as a counselling psychologist with One in Four Ireland and is currently in private practice in Dublin.

He offers interventions with all forms of anxiety including

  • panic
  • phobias
  • excessive checking
  • worry and rumination
  • the after effects of traumatic incidences/ accidents

Anxiety can often fuel addictive patterns as a person strives to self manage their distressing symptoms. A careful exploration of the patterns of behaviour and thinking can help in increasing understanding of them and hence the possibility of behaving and reacting differently.

He also works with low mood and depression. Depression and anxiety often overlap and fuel the other and he aims to work in collaboration with the individual person to come up with the most effective treatment plan. He finds both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and also Mindfulness based techniques useful to promote a greater understanding of a person’s beliefs about their thoughts and emotions. These beliefs often contribute to the maintenance of distress.

Cognitive refers to how we process information, how thoughts, emotions and behaviour interact and how we make sense of our world past and present.

He strives always to make CBT accessible and easy to understand for the people who attend with him.

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