Paul Flannery

Accredited by IAHIP, Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.
Registered with ICP, Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

Paul FlanneryPaul is an experienced therapist with a Masters in Psychotherapy and a Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

He also has a broad experience at managerial level in both indigenous and multinational business.

Paul, through his training and experience, draws on a variety of therapeutic approaches in response to the needs and experiences of his client.

He is experienced in both brief (solution-focused and CBT) through his work in Pieta House and long-term psychotherapy through his work in general practice.

Areas of Special focus

anxiety, panic attack,
work-life balance,
trauma & PTSD,
relationship difficulties, low self-esteem,
low self-confidence,
suicidal thoughts,
cultural difference,
Sexual and physical abuse.

Main Approaches: Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Integrative

“When we are suffering, we tend to look at all that is wrong in our lives. We can make judgements and assumptions about ourselves or our situations that focus only on the negative. In my work with clients I hold the view that whatever issues might arise, there is more right with us than wrong. We each have developed ways of being in the world that have enabled us to cope with whatever challenges we have had to face. These coping strategies become our defense system and are often developed by us at an early age when we had few resources. They can sometimes become barriers to living in a full and meaningful way, creating negative patterns of relating to others and the world around us.

Through the work of exploring our experiences, emotions and ways-of-being, with compassion and self-acceptance, in the safety and confidentiality of a therapeutic relationship, we discover the possibility for healing and lasting change.

It would be a great privilege to work with you as we explore together the challenges and obstacles that you are experiencing while crafting together a new vision and greater fulfillment in your life.”

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