Yorkshire pudding as a metaphor for disgruntlement

8th February 2016

Conflict in relationships – a common questions for couples is how did this row start. Laura Kennedy gives a humorous, insightful and philosophical take on how her partner and herself ended up at loggerheads over the Sunday dinner. Read the Article here


19th May 2015

The word depression is often used when we are feeling sad, fed up or feeling down.  However, feelings of sadness are normal reactions to situations that we are upset about, and will usually pass after a short time.  But depression is different to feeling down or sad.  It can last for a longer time, or…

Problem sleeping?

11th February 2015

When did sleeping become so problematic? How long to sleep, sleep hygiene, effect of lack of sleep on our physical and mental health? One in three people have problems sleeping: either trouble falling asleep, or waking up during the night and not able to go back to sleep. Did you know that before the 18th…

How to deal with relationship breakdown

8th January 2015

Breaking up with a loved one can be a painful process. This is a really interesting article that explains the science behind the trauma of relationship breakdown.

Depression is my friend not my enemy

10th March 2014

The former Cork hurler posted this blog recently about his journey to understand the meaning of his depression.

How to talk to my child about speaking to a therapist

5th March 2014

Tips on preparing children and their families for psychological services.

Helen Byrne speaks about Mindfulness

19th February 2014

Helen Byrne of mindfulness.ie spoke to Shane from Kildare FM about mindfulness.

Professor Jim Lucey on the benefits of Mindfulness

19th February 2014

Professor Jim Lucey speaks about the benefits of Mindfulness.

How to take care of your emotional health

15th February 2014

The Psychological Society of Ireland have put together 40 ways to stay healthy.

The Mindful Revolution

12th February 2014

Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may just be a matter of thinking differently.