Counselling services in Rathgar, Dublin 6.

Valerie Kelly

MA, Reg. Family Therapist Supervisor FTAI & ICP

Bereavement and loss

As a family therapist Valerie works with individual clients, couples and families.

Clients who request family therapy, or who are referred for family therapy, will usually expect the therapy conversations to focus on their personal, couple or family difficulties. The task of the therapist is to help the client(s) identify what aspects of their usual coping style is no longer working and find new ways to address their problems.

The therapy approach is quite interactive, and client(s) are encouraged to talk about their expectations of themselves and others as a way to find a solution to their difficulty.

A family therapy session may include one family member, a couple or several family members together. The clients(s) will help decide who needs to be involved, as familys are best placed to know what works well for their particular situation.

Family therapy sessions are usually of one hour duration. The number of sessions required varies depending on the complexity of the issue. Some clients may require as few as four sessions but others may attend ongoing therapy, at fortnightly intervals for several months.


1994-1997 Diploma in Family Therapy, Clanwilliam Institute.
2001-2003 Mater Misericordiae Hospital & UCD Family Therapist Supervisor Training.

Clinical and Manager Experience

1997-2005 North Inner City Dublin, Drug Treatment Facility for under 18’s and their families.
2007-2009 Barnardos Bereavement Counselling for Children and Families.
2009-2012 Head of Service Barnardos Bereavement Counselling for children.

Teaching Experience

2007-2014 Irish Hospice Foundation in association with Royal College of Surgeons ‘Certificate in Children and Loss’ (Level 9).
Modules: Child Development and Loss Theory; Difficult/Traumatic Death.